ProNutrein™ products are orally consumed proteins delivering precise and reproducible amino acid profiles to treat and prevent significant diseases. 



ProNutrein™ Indication Focus:

Muscle Anabolism  
Pronutria is developing highly soluble, fast digesting single proteins to deliver a preferred amino acid profile optimized to maximally stimulate muscle anabolism in those suffering from sarcopenia as a result of hospitalization, disease, or aging.

Metabolic Disease  
ProNutrein products for metabolic conditions encode a blend of amino acids and peptides designed to induce satiety and promote lean metabolism by decreasing caloric consumption and increasing energy expenditure. These proteins are selected to deliver amino acids known to improve peripheral and hepatic insulin sensitivity and decrease post-prandial glucose levels.

Gastrointestinal Disease
Pronutria’s lead product candidates in GI are selected to deliver complete protein nutrition in a form factor selected for ease of digestion, hypoallergenicity, and small volume for use in patients with disorders of intestinal absorption.

Renal Disease
The Pronutria strategy in renal disease focuses on efficient delivery of single proteins with amino acid profiles that minimize ureagenesis, while providing vital nutrition to improve physiological function in conditions of renal impairment

Rare Genetic Diseases
Patients with rare diseases, such as phenylketonuria, have an inability to properly metabolize specific amino acids. Pronutria is developing proteins for rare genetic diseases with optimal nutritional benefit but without the amino acids these patients are unable to metabolize, such as a protein rich is essential amino acids but without any phenylalanine for Phenylketonuria patients. This approach avoids the toxicity caused by the proteins found in food while delivering a preferred formulation factor, superior taste and low volume, over existing medical foods.